Dollies : Movietech Magnum

Dollies : Movietech Magnum

  • Magnum Systemlow rig-set

    Category: Dollies

    Magnum System low rig allows low shot positions for the Camera. The height can be stepless adjusted. The differently support tubes can be used single or combined. The outer diameter of the support tubes is 80mm (2” 8’ inch).

    The new System low rig-Set includes two offset-adapter with 80mm (2” 8’ inch) Euro mount clamping.

    The Surface of the offset-adapter is provided with 25mm (10’ inch) drillings. The drillings are used for mounting of accessories, fex. Clamp bolt (seat arm bolt etc.). The accessories will be mounted by clamping with Maggot screws (sideways) or clamp bolts with a central clamping system (clamping via Allen key by spreading the mechanism)

    A big advantage is the new counter weight bar, which can be placed different and it is traversable. If the bar is in the way during filming, it can be mounted quick and easy in different positions.

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